Literacy on the Go

By | January 28, 2014

literacy_go_1Children spend an average of 500 hours a year “on the go”: in the car, on the plain, on the bus, etc

Parents can turn travel time into interactive learning time and help children develop early literacy.

Here you will find some suggestions for fun literacy games on the go.

Pack a Suitcase

Choose a letter (e.g. A) and start with a phrase – I am going on a trip and in my suitcase I packed an “Apple”. Ask your child to continue and pack another item in the suitcase that begins with a letter A. Take turns and pack as many items as you can that all begin with a letter A. When the suitcase is full (no more ideas), change to a different letter.

What goes with it?

Choose a category, such as the circus. Take turns naming something associated with the circus. When you can’t think of any more words, pick a new category and start again.

Mom’s Cookie Jar

Choose a letter and a sound that that letter makes (e.g. buh). Start playing the game by saying a phrase “in mom’s cookie jar, I found a cookie and a Ball”. Ask your child to continue the game by finding another item in the jar that begins with the same sound “In mom’s cookie jar, I found a cookie and a Balloon”. Play the game until you can’t think of any more words that start with a sound “buh”. Choose another letter and continue.

I Spy with my Little Eye

Begin playing the game by saying a phrase “I spy with my little eye something that starts with “buh” (tell the child a beginning sound, not a letter). Ask the child to look outside and tell you what it is “building”. Take turns and have fun.

I Hear with my Little Ear

Begin playing the game by saying a phrase “I hear with my little ear, something that sounds like “f-i-sh”, or “b – ah –l – oo -n”. Speak slowly and leave spaces between your sounds. This game will help your child practice blending skills.

Time to Rhyme

Take turns calling out words and thinking of all possible rhyming words. You can think of real words or have fun making up your own rhymes. Easy words to begin with end with –ack (black rhymes with … snack), –ail (mail rhymes with … snail), –at (cat rhymes with … hat), and –op (mop rhymes with pop).

Hear a Pair
Call out a word and ask as you child to listen carefully for another word that starts with the same sound. E.g. The word is “Ball”. Now listen carefully and hear the one that start with the same sound as ball “cat, bike, apple”. The child says “ I hear a pair “ball and bike, start with the sound “buh”.

January 27 is a Family Literacy Day in Canada!

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