Make It Yourself Pumpkin Patch

By | November 3, 2013


A trip to the pumpkin patch is always an exciting hands on learning activity and this Fall season we decided to bring it inside our classroom.

When we went to the pumpkin patch, children had an opportunity to see how the pumpkins grows. We discovered that a pumpkin grows on the ground attached to a vine. It has large green leaves. We even noticed yellow flowers on a vine that later turn to small green pumpkins that grow and grow and turn to big round orange pumpkins perfect for us to take home. We made sure to take lots of pictures to document our experience. We used printed out pictures for our Make It Yourself Pumpkin Patch to help us recall and tell pumpkin stories.

You can download our pumpkin patch pictures here to be used for this activity or for the life cycle of a pumpkin.


To create Make It Yourself Pumpkin Patch invitation to play, you will need:

Contact Paper

Pumpkins (we painted styrofoam balls of different sizes orange). You can also use orange playdoh.

Green pipe cleaners and rafia for the vine

Green mesh, organza, and regular ribbons for the leaves

Yellow tissue paper to twist around the pipe cleaners to make flowers

Your invitation to play is all set. Ready, set, create and make your own pumpkin patch.


Did you know that the stem of a pumpkin is called a peduncle? Yes, it is a real word and a proper name for the stem. Now, that’s a word we had fun saying over and over when making our pumpkin patch.



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