Literacy on the Go

Children spend an average of 500 hours a year “on the go”: in the car, on the plain, on the bus, etc Parents can turn travel time into interactive learning time and help children develop early literacy. Here you will find some suggestions for fun literacy games on the go. Pack a Suitcase Choose a… Read More »

Snowy Owls

The children have been learning about owls and in the spirit of Reggio, we wanted to make a snowy owl art using variety of materials and giving children an opportunity to experiment and explore. We presented children with black paper and white paint along with bubble wrap, sponges, fake snow, coffee filters, feathers, tissue paper,… Read More »

Nature Numbers Made by Children

The nature numbers wall is a beautiful addition to our Reggio inspired classroom. Children feel very proud of their accomplishment. They often refer to the number wall, counting and recalling their experience by commenting on which nature items they found, and which numbers they made. This is what hands on meaningful learning is all about.… Read More »